Small-format aerial photography is based primarily on solar radiation reflected from the Earth's surface in the visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum. SFAP is a compromise between ideal photographic conditions and the reality of what is possible to accomplish under natural conditions within logistical constraints and financial limitations.

SFAP may be taken in oblique and vertical vantages. The former is appropriate for depicting the relationships of landscape elements over broad areas; the latter is best suited for accurate measurements. Photographic scale (S) and ground sample distance (GSD) are closely related, but distinct, concepts dealing with spatial aspects of photographs. Resolution relates to spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric aspects of photographs.

A single photograph has geometric characteristics similar to the picture sensed through a single human eye, which creates a single-point perspective view. Two overlapping views of the same area result in stereoscopic imagery in which depth perception is apparent. This is the basis for much photointerpretation as well as photo-grammetry.

Photographic information consists of both the primary image data as well as metadata about the image. Metadata should include date of image acquisition, location, type of camera and lens, and other relevant information. This metadata should be saved in a manner that is difficult to separate from the image data.

Various media and file formats have been used over the years for storing photographic images and digital datasets. Among the most long-lived are panchromatic film negatives and optical disks; the least stable are magnetic media. Storage of digital datasets is subject to rapid changes in media types and related computer hardware and software necessary for reading the digital files. Continued technical changes and obsolescence are likely to happen in the near future, which raises questions for long-term archival storage of photographs.

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