Software For Sfap Analysis

So which software is most suitable? This depends to a large degree on the image-processing tasks to be carried out. A huge range of computer programs exists from quite simple to highly sophisticated, and from free shareware to five-figure expenses. With respect to SFAP applications, image-processing software falls in two important main categories: (a) those understanding geocoordinate systems, and (b) those that do not. Another possible distinction is between programs for image visualization and optical enhancement only, and programs offering additional techniques for extracting secondary information, both qualitative and quantitative, about the objects and areas pictured.

Table 11-1 is an attempt at summarizing and comparing different software types with respect to typical image-processing tasks. Exemplary software packages named here are those most often used by or known to the authors, but do not imply any general preferences, recommendations, or quality judgements. In addition, dedicated freeware or shareware packages exist for nearly all individual tasks listed that are specialized on certain image-processing procedures (e.g., PCI Geomatica FreeView for viewing numerous geospatial file formats, PTLens for lens-dependent corrections, StereoMaker for stereoviewing).

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