Quantitative Analysis Of Photographs

The interpretation of remote sensing images may involve both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Visual interpretation techniques, which are discussed in Chapter 10, are utilized for identifying and characterizing objects and for interpreting spatial patterns. Most methods of extracting quantitative information from remote sensing images do not work without some amount of image interpretation, but their primary concern is to obtain spatial measurement values.

Photogrammetry comprises a large number of different measurement methods from single or stereo images and from manual to fully automatic, which are extensively described in the literature (e.g. Pfeiffer and Weimann, 1991; Warner et al., 1996; Wolf and Dewitt, 2000; Jensen, 2007; Lillesand et al., 2008). Some approaches applicable for (digital) SFAP that the authors of this book judge the most useful and commonly applied are introduced briefly in the following sections.

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