Flight Planning Example

The following example for planning an SFAP survey is drawn from a real situation resulting from long-term cooperation between two of the authors (IM, JBR) and Prof. Jean Poesen, Leuven University, Belgium. For several years during the 1990s, Poesen's research group has monitored the advancement of a large gully near Darro, Province of Granada, Spain. The aim of this consecutive study is to resume and expand the monitoring using SFAP and 3D analysis.

A brief field visit in 2008 proved the general suitability of the site for SFAP: good access by car, sufficiently open surroundings for aircraft launching and navigation, and no critical obstacles. Of primary interest is the upper part of the gully (Fig. 9-14), including the orthogonal tributary branch, so the initial question was which flying height would be necessary to cover this area in one image. The prospective camera was a Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT) with 20-mm focal length and a 22.2 mm x 14.8 mm image sensor (3456 x 2304 pixels).

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