This book represents contributions from many individuals and organizations that have encouraged and supported the authors and helped us to pursue small-format aerial photography. Among those who have played significant roles, we thank our colleagues, collaborators and advisors: Kiira Aaviksoo, Ali Ait Hssaine, Klaus-Dieter Albert, DeWayne Backhus, Andrzej Ber, Michael Breuer, KarlLudwig Busemeyer, Cornelius Claussen, Don Distler, Lukas Distler, Debra Eberts, Maite Echeverría Arnedo, Jack Estes, Wolfgang Feller, Anja Fengler, Joachim Feuchter, Melinda Flohr, Darek Galazka, Rafael Gimenez, Marco Giardino, Maria Gorska-Zabielska, Ralph Hansen, Jürgen Heckes, Günter Hell, Juraj Janocko, Jill Johnston, Paul Johnston, Martin Kahler, Volli Kalm, Edgar Karofeld, Stephan Kiefer, Brooks Leffler, David Leiker, Kham Lulla, Holger Lykke-Andersen, Marco Koch, Michael Niesen, Matt Nowak, Firooza Pavri, Robert Penner, Jean Poesen, Juan de la Riva Fernandez, Michael Runzer, Tilmann Sauer, Marcia Schulmeister, Manuel Seeger, Rod Sobieski, Hans-Peter Thamm, Cheryl Unruh, Friedrich Weber, Heribert Willger, Joachim Wolff, Jürgen Wunderlich, and Ryszard Zabielski.

Many undergraduate and graduate students from Emporia State University, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, University of Trier, Technical University of Kosice, and the University of Tartu have provided ample assistance with field projects. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the help of S. Acosta, C. Boyd, V. Butzen, W. Fister, L. Freeman, B. Fricovsky, C. Geißler, B. Graves, K. Harrell, T. Iserloh, W. Jacobson, A. Kalisch, A. Kimmel, K. Kimmel, T. Korenman, B. Landis, M. Landis, M. Lewicki, J. Liira, S. Lowe, N. Lux, G. Manders, K. Mollits, J. Mueller, K. Muru, L. Owens, S. Plegniere, A. Rager, A. Remke, M. Roche, G. Rock,

S. Salley, S. Veatch, M. Vilbaste, A. Wachsmuth, J. Wallace, R. Wengel, E. Wilson-Agin, S. Wirtz, B. Zabriskie, and J. Zupancic. We gratefully acknowledge V. Butzen's help with translations for this book and J. Hackenbruch's assistance with editing and proofreading.

Financial support was provided by Kansas NASA EPSCoR, KansasView, Emporia State University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Kemper Foundation, the U.S. National Research Council, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Nature Conservancy of Kansas, National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic, Technical University of Kosice, University of Tartu, University of Aarhus, Polish Geological Institute, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Vereinigung der Freunde und Förderer der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main, Stiftung zur Forderung der Internationalen Wissenschaftlichen Beziehungen der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main, Landesgraduiertenforderung Baden-Württemberg, Forschungsfonds der Universitat Trier, and the Prof. Dr. Frithjof Voss Stiftung—Stiftung für Geographie.

Finally James Aber wishes to thank his sons, Jeremy and Jay, who helped with kite and blimp aerial photography at many sites in the United States and Estonia. Special thanks are offered also from Irene Marzolff and Johannes Ries to Jürgen Heckes (Deutsches Bergbaumuseum Bochum), whose unforgettable Druckbetankung crash course started our SFAP career these 15 years ago and got us hooked for good.

February 2010 James S. Aber Irene Marzolff Johannes B. Ries

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