Applying Camera Raw Settings in Adobe Bridge

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If you have more than the suggested 16 images to process simultaneously or just don't need to have all the files open as you process the first one, this is the fastest way to apply the same settings to any number of RAW files:

1. Open the first, best, or most typical of the group in Camera Raw and do all the processing recommended in this course.

2. Click the Done button at the bottom of the Camera Raw dialog. Clicking Done closes Camera Raw and at the same time applies all the settings you've made to the currently opened image(s).

3. Now you're back in Adobe Bridge. Simply Cmd/Ctrl-click each image to which you want to apply the last settings made in Camera Raw.

4. Ctrl/Right-click any of the selected images. From the resulting in-context menu (Figure 4-29), choose Previous Conversion. Since Camera Raw is closed, processing happens more quickly. And while it's processing you can do other thingssuch as selecting the next group of images you want to process.

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